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Meet Socorro

Meditation Coach and Spiritual Consultant

I opened a Meditation Studio in May 2016, to provide a sacred space, a healing space where people come to learn the techniques on how to self heal and work on practices specific to their needs. 

As a part of my services, through intuitive readings, energy healing, guided mediation sessions and channeling abilities, I assist in the process of healing past situations, to bring forth the progress towards future endeavors.

At times, I am guided by the students ancestors (channeling) to bring forth messages of Love and Divine guidance through connection with those they love dearly.

All of what I have learned, has been through channeling divine guidance, connecting 

with source, connecting with Angels, flowing infinate intelligence  and collective cosnciousness.  Gaining knowledge of ancient wisdom, and ancient practices, have brought revealings to people in ways that were never before as a visible approach to discover self healing and their highest and best path. 

To teach you self-mastery, inner balance, peace, love, my goal...

Come learn to adapt your gifts and create your journey...

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