How my Services work

Spiritual Consulting

For those seeking lasting strategies to create a path of purpose and passion for life...inner guidance and connection to higher inner power...

Those seeking to increase the clairsenses...

Some Seeking to embrace and work thru their spiritual awakening...

Through the tools by divine guidance anyone can accomplish their goals of spiritual freedom...


Services are available for booking;

private sessions, family sessions, public events, corporate groups, sales & business consulting...

Strategies for Life Purpose

Strategies to apply in daily life, will assist in keeping balance...

Easy techniques and tools help with transformation...

* 21 Day 6 step Clearing Energy 1 hr. session 

* 6 Weeks Chakra Clearing 1 hr. sessions

* Quick sweep/brush energy 30 min. session

* Programming the body for self healing 1 hr. session


Healing Hands

For those seeking physical Healing...Anxiety, Depression, Sooth ADHD symptoms, Relieve PTSD symptoms.

Acknowledging Healing by Faith...and Meditation Mechanisms.  Distant Healing depending on specific needs.  (available private sessions)

Intuitive and Energy Readings

As an ancient practice of reading auras, chakras and reading energy fields...I have the ability to see your work in progress...My channeling abilities provide a safe environment in which specific instruction come by divine guidance and to assist in redirecting back to pure positive flow of energy in the mind and body...

In ways of expressing what I see, comes the guidance of the message specific for your well being. Helping clear out pre-conception by preparing you to reach higher frequency waves of make a smoothest possible progress...


Aura Cleansing

An "Aura", is your energy field projecting from the core of your body.  At times, being in the presence of others and a variety of environmental energies, our body is likely to pick up and hold on to foreign energies and create  chaos in our field.  Conditions of our body, mind and spirit begin to affect us in negative ways. Our bodies may feel tired, anxious, and could possibly lead to depression, or even dis-eases.

The process of an Aura cleans may heal these ailments, and learning to heal and cleans our Aura through Meditation and Healing Hands, could drastically change our mood to feel happier, more balanced, and clearer, to make life choices towards a more positive direction.

(This explanation is a very short version)

Chakra Balancing/Clearing

A Chakra (wheel/circle) which is part of the anatomy of the spirit, it is an entry/exit energy point of which emotional alignment can be obtained. The chakras are part of our subtle body and have been explained to channel through our nerve system, which interacts with or emotional and mental nature. These points of entry are considered energy Life.  When we learn to manage and align our chakras daily through meditation and through awareness mechanisms, we are able to discipline, our emotional thoughts, feelings and will.

I assist with unblocking and releasing energy by crystals programmed to do the work and healing hands. The process asists the energy body flow, and helps create an evenly distributed energy vibrational flow.

(This explanation is a very short version)