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5x7 Booklet
21 Day
Spiritual Cleanse

It takes 11-12 days to get used to a daily routine and total of 21 days to make it part of your life...

This small booklet, will help keep you focused on your daily energy to make meditation a way of life.

An eye-opening guide on spiritual cleanse and energy flow

Essential practice that keeps you focused on clearing energy from your body

Learning the mechanism of how to allow positive energy flow

only $8.99
5x7 Booklet
10X Fold 
Wealth Affirmations
Molecule Talk

Wealth at Chemistry level. What is a Molecule? as per the Pareto's 80/20 Law. Changing how we allow words to permeate the mind at a molecule level, can help with change in the way we receive wealth.

An eye-opening guide on wealth


Wealth affirmations strategies through meditation  


Top 10 books shopping list on wealth


Formulas of well known entrepreneurs involved in charity work and teaching others how they allow abundance through charity work


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5x7 Booklet
Green to Clean
3days 3times 3items
Spiritual SuperFoods
Cleansing from Inside

Spiritual Super Foods. We have all heard that getting green is getting your system to an alkaline body. But what if the combination of each food and drinks made all that difference for clearing your energy to connect to your spiritual core?

Booklet on health and healing the system to create a healthy body that flows energy at the core (aka: adrenal glands system)


Ten Step back to healthy PH in body