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Master Where You Are

Meditation Workshops With Socorro

Meet Socorro

"I am a Meditation Coach and Spiritual Consultant" With Channeling abilities and all Clairsenses active..

The most rewarding, is in helping people with their energy field awareness and spiritual awakening to fulfill their transformation for a life filled with Love, Joy, and Abundance...

My Purpose for teaching, is to bring your awareness to "MASTER WHERE YOU ARE" 


What I Specialize In

Spiritual Consulting

Healing Hands

Strategies For Life Purpose

Intuitive and Energy Readings

Aura Cleansing

White Sand and Stone

The Journey Towards "Mastering Where You Are" Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Thank you Socorro, I have sooo much good juju coursing through my body right now, i'd be selfish to keep it all to myself...

- Dani

“You're a bright light and I want to acknowledge you and tell you I am grateful for you and appreciate you in my life!”

- Leah

"Some really cool positive things have been happening to me since I saw you, thank you so much for what you shared"

- Holly

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